These works, [as you read earlier] are a compilation of character sketches that I have been working up. These sketches are for a few stories that I am in the process of brainstorming for and writing. One of the stories is an epic fantasy novel and the other is a study on the production of artificial intelligence. I know, they are polar opposites, but welcome to the constant strife that is that is my brain. I will continue to add more works as they come about. Each piece will have a small description, so check back to see some of these characters come to fruition.
- [tac.bomber.dbs]


security guard in AI study facility
old advisor and sorcerer for the king


scientist+programmer in AI study facility
rendition of my friend... used her for ref.


searcher concept01: searcher robots seek out renegade AI Scripts.
searcher concept02: a more sinister looking searcher robot, for those who love spooky stuff.


[me.myself.i] Dis one is yours truly the master of disaster himself... [!tac!]
Dis is a crazy imp that I had a dream about, he was the slave of an evil majere, go figger.
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